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Board of Directors will manage the (WCPP) organization, management, execution and finance sections, the responsibilities and authorities of the board of directors are as below.

  • To appoint the President, Vice-President and heads of
  • To amend the charter, company policies, rules and
  • The board of directors covers of five
  • To determine the over all policy of the organization and giving essential advises to the
  • To approve annual budget and supervising the financial affairs of the
  • The meeting of the board of directors can be held regularly once a month in normal situation, in emergency meeting can be held by two third of voting
  • The execution section consists of president, vice president and executive directors that selected by the board of di-
  • The company activities would be supervised and monitored by senior
  • Executive Director of the company should be accountable to the board of
  • The executive section implement the decisions taken be the board of
  • Submitting of the proposals to the board of
  • Preparing of reports of the company
  • Annual budget depends on level of fund raising and approval of the
  • Accounting section should submit annual and monthly
  • WCPP will have the power to accept any gift, donations and grants from national, international, Islamic institutions and other donors to improve its
  • WCPP can assist or get assistance from any Afghan and Non-Afghan institutions having objectives similar to
  • WCPP can join with other organizations having similar objectives after approval of board of
  • WCPP has its own arm and
  • Executive directors are responsible for keeping of the
  • WCPP has good aim to implement quality of works and timely

Overall activities of the WCPP

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