An Overview

WCPP is a well established Non-governmental & Non-political organization of experts, has specialist graphic designers, printing exerts, working side by side under one roof, dedicated to provide professional services to country’s develop- ment plans, and serving public sector and the private sector alike.

In order to gain more efficiency and effectiveness concerning Management affairs and better staffing, it has been de- cided by management to let WCPP serve independently for a better tomorrow of the war-ragged country Afghanistan and its people. The satisfaction of the clients concerning our work quality is the mandate of our company and we try to keep the spirit of our company up and continue with the same level of trust we have built by our hard working and professional experience. In order to achieve all this, it was an essential action to get WCPP independently.

The company has key personnel in various disciplines that have quality experience. The company has associations with International firms of repute for projects requiring collaborations in fields where specific specialization are required. The organization also has at call consulting specialists.

The technical personnel of the organization are well versed with computer skills and engineers on in-house computers do most of work. We have an adequate library of computer software for various engineering analysis, graphic design, management control, and drafting and office tools, along with commercial software, standard as well as developed in our office. All hardware is attached with an uninterrupted power supply system.

On award of the project, a meeting is convened by the Project Director to discuss detail with all the concerned sections

/ specialists of the firm likely to be involved at any stage of the project. As such all the available information / data is passed on to all the involved staff and any additional information missing / data required for the assignment is listed out for obtaining the same from client.

Our management has very good liaison with client, and a Project Manager as well as Project Coordinators are nominat- ed to discuss and finalize the detail requirements, parameters, and programs for the project.

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